Family First Aid 
Claire 'practical exercise in CPR has given me more confidence if anything happened in the future' 
Laura 'We went over the areas of home and basic First Aid. Lots of good info on first aid kit in the home' 
Pat 'I feel more confident to use the skills Andy has shown us' 
Neil 'An outstanding course. I now feel comfortable with infant and child CPR' 
Rachel 'I am no longer scared of hurting anyone by having a go' 
Sarah 'If an emergency situation arises I will be able to use my first aid skills properly ' 
Susie 'Great training course! Practical advice with easy to remember tips.' 
Mary 'Good practical advice provided in a relaxed environment.' 
First Aid Awareness 
Vic 'Outstanding course with a great tutor. He has increased my confidence no end' 
Level 3 Forest School First Aid 
Liz – Primary School Teacher - Andy is very knowledgeable and had a great rapport with the team receiving the training. Feb 19 
Joanne – Forest School Practitioner- Great fun course with lots of practical activities, relaxed atmosphere and a supportive trainer. Feb 19 
Kirsty – Forest School Practitioner- The first ‘First Aid’ course I’ve attended where I’ve come away feeling confident. I enjoyed the relaxed way it was taught. Will use you next time. 
Claire – Forest School Leader – I really enjoyed the common sense approach. Thank you for an enjoyable course. 
Maggie – Forest |school Practitioner – It has given me confidence to deal with different situations in the Forest Schools environment. 
Level 3 Emergency First Aid at Work 
Liz – Seetec- The course was just what I needed, straight forward and simple, direct delivery. 
Andrew – The course was great and the trainer excellent. 
Andy – A very enjoyable course and the best First Aid course I have ever been on. 
Jamie - Job Centre Plus - Very helpful. 
Clive – Seetec - Good, useful course. 
Level 2 food Safety 
Sue – Charity Leader - I would definitely like to offer this course to all our new kitchen volunteers, if funding is available and also the course was enjoyable and informative due to being delivered by a wonderful trainer. 
Manual Handling 
Abby 'I feel I have a better understanding of what safe manual handling entails within EAMS therapy' 
Michelle 'Andy contextualised the info for our needs.' 
Clare 'Andy was a patient and knowledgeable tutor. The course was very relevant to EAMS therapy' 
Michael 'Very well presented course by Andy ' 
Level 3 Paediatric First Aid 
Rebecca – Primary School Teaching Assistant – A great session, very productiveand proactive. I learnt lots and I feel much more confident about First Aid. Feb 19 
Angela – Childcare assistant Bumblebee Nursery – Informative Information and Practical Learning 
Alison – Charity Childcare Manager Bumblebee Nursery – First Aid is a vital skill for everyone in childcare and this course ticks the box. 
Beckie – Primary School Teaching Assistant – Andy made the entire process enjoyable with more learning than I realised. Feb 19 
Kathy – Primary school administrator - Much more confident in my ability and knowledge, feel prepared for many more situations than previously. I enjoyed the course and learned information that is new and very useful. 
Jackie – Primary Teacher – I thought the role play was great to deepen my understanding. Much better than previous courses I’ve been on. 
Level 3 First Aid at Work 
Stephen – Gist – A good practical update to my First Aid skills 
Lubomir – Gist – Great practical skills, I recommend this course. 
Rafal – Gist – There were much more practical skills than last time, I really recommend this course. 
Level 2 Health and Safety 
Rachel – Job Centre Plus- Andy was very clear and made things so easy to understand, he had a very professional manner which made me feel confident and comfortable. 
Leadership and Teamwork. 
Andy – Turning Point- Superb, I was dreading this course but I am glad I didn’t miss it, can we have some more please. 
Sarah – Turning Point - The course was delivered really well 
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